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Is it true that if at first you don't succeed you should try and try again? Years and years of trying and trying often get you the same result and, in reality, this means there’s something in God’s Word still missing from your life. Thomas Edison did not fail, he found out 2,000 ways how not to make a light bulb. These 31 amazing chapters, filled with daily declarations and nuggets of wisdom, will help change your mind and fuel a fresh drive for a foundation of victory and success. Our prayer for you is that the days of trying and trying and falling and failing are over and you will never feel like giving up again.

Why are you not more successful in living up to God's standards and promises for your life? Why do you continually stumble and fall? Why do you give in more often than not?
As you arise and shine, read these daily chapters, and quote these declarations you will begin to build a firm foundation to help motivate you to overcome any obstacle. Our prayer for you is that we help ignite the power of God’s Word in your life. We invite you to begin a deeper journey in His Word with us. You will learn that victory belongs to you and you never again have to give in or give up! Success is imminent as you trust God’s Word, apply and use your faith, and build new mindsets. 

With His great love,

Joe and Bella Garcia

Igniting Your Day: 31 Days of Declarations To Ignite the Power Of God’s Word In

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