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Disappointments are Inevitable, Discouragement is a Choice, Depression is a Major Battle. Deep below the streets of Rome lie the ancient catacombs where early Christians buried their dead and sustained hope for eternal life. In the catacombs of the early church, there are 66 pictures of anchors. The emphasis on this part of the ship was because it symbolized security, stability, the keeping of a ship in one place without wavering, the preventing or restricting of motion or the drifting of a vessel, and provides a firm hold for the ship to stay put. Your anchor is the Word of God. If you believe the Word and do what the Word says, you will always be safely anchored when the winds of adversity blow. The Lord has a unique plan for your life, one that does not change according to unexpected circumstances. When you tackle a situation that does not line up with your understanding of how God wants your life to proceed, you need to stop and look to Him for direction. While disappointments are inevitable, discouragement is a choice. You should never allow life’s challenges permission to steal your joy, hope, or confidence in Him. You have permanent hope for joy and abundant living in Christ. Circumstances do not control you; Jesus does. You never have to be the victim of your feelings. You can choose to look to God, listen, learn, and move ahead. As you do, the wounded, rejected places in your heart and the scars of old disappointments will melt away in God’s unconditional love. God has blessings for you, even more than you can imagine. When you let go of the disappointments and fear you will begin hoping and trusting again. God holds your future in His hands, and you will never lose when you persevere and look forward to what He has in store.

OVERCOMING Disappointment

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